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“I recently attended a workshop presented by Sheryl Roush entitled, “Market Like A Pro: For Presenters, Coaches & Consultants.” In this workshop Sheryl helped us answer the questions of: how clear we are about who our ideal client is; what our desired market is; and who would be our perfect audience. Sheryl is a dynamic presenter with a passion to take other professionals to another level of their career and move their professional goals to new heights. Sheryl has a way of also presenting and engaging each person in a way that is tailored and specifically supports each participant.”
Charlie Retts Ed. D.
Leadership Trainer, University Professor, Coach, Author
Virtual Workshop, June 2, 2021

“What an absolute pleasure to be part of your session this afternoon… I can count people like you on the fingers of two hands… practical, bottom line, call it the way we see it… content-driven, giving our audiences proven takeaways. Thank you so much for a simply wonderful session. I was not going to attend today and at the last minute I saw it was you, so changed my plans.”

– Jenny de St. Georges
NSA-Northern California Chapter
Topic: Speaker One-Sheets and Setting Fees
Virtual Presentation, April 18, 2021

“GREAT program at GGBC. You blew us away. Your level of customization demonstrated what a true professional speaker should be. I was a fan before. Now I am a raving fan. Congratulations and thank you.”
– Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE
Golden Gate Breakfast Club
Virtual Presentation, November 9, 2020


“Sheryl is clearly an EXPERT in the arena of presentations. Her powerful coaching and insight was invaluable. The outcome: a BRILLIANT presentation to 1000+ HR professionals and VERY POSITIVE feedback.”
– Sandy Asch, Principle, Alliance for Organizational Excellence LLC

“Sheryl is an inspiration to everyone she meets and I highly recommend her as a speech coach and mentor. Whether speaking from the stage or sitting with people one on one, Sheryl changes lives. She’s simply amazing!”
– Craig Valentine, 1999 Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking

“I hired Sheryl to help me with a speech that I was struggling with and in a word, she is – BRILLIANT! Her ability to move me out of my head and deep into my heart was just magnificent. She took me from doing a speech to delivering my message and the result was incredible!”
– Linda Salazar, Owner, Awaken The Genie Within®

“As a speaker and trainer I found Sheryl’s information presented to be relevant, valuable and of immediate use. I took to heart many of Sheryl’s tips and was very pleased with the results. And I look forward to implementing more of her ideas as I can see they are true success seeds.”
– Louise Kurzeka, Member, National Association of Professional Organizers

“Sheryl’s a total fireball of creativity and extraordinary kindness and her ability to make you feel you are the most important person on the planet is a gift few share. Her role as coach and marketing expert has moved my business and life forward in unprecedented ways, and I am tell anyone thinking of hiring her for her speaking (she’s dynamic), or her coaching and marketing skills (the best).”
– Jacqueline Wales, CEO, The Fearless Factor

“From our first call together Sheryl really helped made a difference for me especially since I’m just getting started as a paid professional speaker.”
– Shirley Borrelli, B.Ed

“Sheryl has a great wealth of knowledge and experience and it was a pleasure to learn from her.  I have always had a fear of speaking and presenting and now I know it is time to get over it. I want to make a global impact and raise over $50 million to help children. I know speaking will be part of this mission and am truly grateful for your help and look forward to more. Thank you!”
– Holly Reville

Speak and Market Like a Pro™ Participant Comments

“After one day in Sheryl’s class I was inspired to create a website for my company and register my company name. Sheryl also gave me great pointers on improving my product. Best return on my investment ever!”
Jicky Ferrer, CEO, TeamsTechTalk (2/16/2021)

“If you want to improve and sharpen your presentation skills, learn how to market yourself, handle yourself with aplomb in a media interview, improve your PowerPoint presentations, and get tips from the best of the best – this workshop is for you!”
– Kathy Ulch Sterling, Sr. Administrative Assistant, Scripps Research Institute

“As a seasoned public speaker I found many tools and techniques that I can immediately use to improve my presentations and add to my tool box.  Thank you Sheryl!”
– Lisa A. Bentson, CEO, Leads Club, Inc.

“I loved the real world, learn today and implement tomorrow ideas, which are a hallmark of your workshops.  The handouts and reference materials where amazing!  This workshop gave outstanding value for the time and money I investment.”
– Nancy Clement, Homes and Loans

“I used the tools Sheryl provided to design a PowerPoint seminar that I presented at the Institute for Conservation Research.  My talk went exceptionally well and I got lots of positive feedback! I made sure that everything tied in together, each slide was interesting, and that I was totally prepared – this was all thanks to Sheryl’s training.”
– Helena Fitch-Snyder, Education Specialist, San Diego Zoo Global

“Sheryl has an incredible talent in blending limitless compassion with razor-sharp ingenuity to any situation.  Working with Sheryl took me from a place of overwhelm and uncertainty to a state of calm and purposeful focus. Her energy, enthusiasm and structured presentation format cleared away the clutter and allowed me to show up as my genuine self for my presentation.”  
– Martine Berreitter, CEO, PNA, Inc.

“Wow!  Having the chance to speak with Sheryl before I presented offered me a great deal of comfort and confidence, along with some information I could use throughout my entire life. I am so impressed with her ability to provide such useful insight in a very direct yet encouraging way.  Her direction and guidance is going to make me unstoppable!”
– Steisha Ponczoch, San Diego Zoo Global


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