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More Testimonials on Coaching with Sheryl Roush!

“Sheryl is clearly an EXPERT in the arena of presentations. Her powerful coaching and insight was invaluable. The outcome: a BRILLIANT presentation to 1000+ HR professionals and VERY POSITIVE feedback.”
– Sandy Asch, Principle, Alliance for Organizational Excellence LLC

“Sheryl is an inspiration to everyone she meets and I highly recommend her as a speech coach and mentor. Whether speaking from the stage or sitting with people one on one, Sheryl changes lives. She’s simply amazing!”
– Craig Valentine, 1999 Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking

“I hired Sheryl to help me with a speech that I was struggling with and in a word, she is – BRILLIANT! Her ability to move me out of my head and deep into my heart was just magnificent. She took me from doing a speech to delivering my message and the result was incredible!”
– Linda Salazar, Owner, Awaken The Genie Within®

“As a speaker and trainer I found Sheryl’s information presented to be relevant, valuable and of immediate use. I took to heart many of Sheryl’s tips and was very pleased with the results. And I look forward to implementing more of her ideas as I can see they are true success seeds.”
– Louise Kurzeka, Member, National Association of Professional Organizers

“Sheryl’s a total fireball of creativity and extraordinary kindness and her ability to make you feel you are the most important person on the planet is a gift few share. Her role as coach and marketing expert has moved my business and life forward in unprecedented ways, and I am tell anyone thinking of hiring her for her speaking (she’s dynamic), or her coaching and marketing skills (the best).”
– Jacqueline Wales, CEO, The Fearless Factor

“From our first call together Sheryl really helped made a difference for me especially since I’m just getting started as a paid professional speaker.”
– Shirley Borrelli, B.Ed

“Sheryl has a great wealth of knowledge and experience and it was a pleasure to learn from her.  I have always had a fear of speaking and presenting and now I know it is time to get over it. I want to make a global impact and raise over $50 million to help children. I know speaking will be part of this mission and am truly grateful for your help and look forward to more. Thank you!”
– Holly Reville

Speak and Market Like a Pro™ Participant Comments

“After one day in Sheryl’s class I was inspired to create a website for my company and register my company name. Sheryl also gave me great pointers on improving my product. Best return on my investment ever!”
Jicky Ferrer, CEO, TeamsTechTalk (2/16/2021)

“If you want to improve and sharpen your presentation skills, learn how to market yourself, handle yourself with aplomb in a media interview, improve your PowerPoint presentations, and get tips from the best of the best – this workshop is for you!”
– Kathy Ulch Sterling, Sr. Administrative Assistant, Scripps Research Institute

“As a seasoned public speaker I found many tools and techniques that I can immediately use to improve my presentations and add to my tool box.  Thank you Sheryl!”
– Lisa A. Bentson, CEO, Leads Club, Inc.

“I loved the real world, learn today and implement tomorrow ideas, which are a hallmark of your workshops.  The handouts and reference materials where amazing!  This workshop gave outstanding value for the time and money I investment.”
– Nancy Clement, Homes and Loans

“I used the tools Sheryl provided to design a PowerPoint seminar that I presented at the Institute for Conservation Research.  My talk went exceptionally well and I got lots of positive feedback! I made sure that everything tied in together, each slide was interesting, and that I was totally prepared – this was all thanks to Sheryl’s training.”
– Helena Fitch-Snyder, Education Specialist, San Diego Zoo Global

“Sheryl has an incredible talent in blending limitless compassion with razor-sharp ingenuity to any situation.  Working with Sheryl took me from a place of overwhelm and uncertainty to a state of calm and purposeful focus. Her energy, enthusiasm and structured presentation format cleared away the clutter and allowed me to show up as my genuine self for my presentation.”  
– Martine Berreitter, CEO, PNA, Inc.

“Wow!  Having the chance to speak with Sheryl before I presented offered me a great deal of comfort and confidence, along with some information I could use throughout my entire life. I am so impressed with her ability to provide such useful insight in a very direct yet encouraging way.  Her direction and guidance is going to make me unstoppable!”
– Steisha Ponczoch, San Diego Zoo Global


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