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“I had my first paid speaking event on Friday. I’ve attached one action shot and another with my first check!!! It was wonderful. It felt like the most natural thing in the world. You could hear a pin drop in the group and I could see tears in many people’s eyes. We got to set up our gear, fix the lighting and provide great audio. They kept saying — “You’re so professional!” The men especially came up to me afterwards in private to share. The company is interested in me coming back to do the workshop. So I am working more diligently on that now. I have officially retired from my engineering job. The second book I contributed to launched this past week. I am planning to get my solo book out next year. So much happening. I thought of you (Sheryl) as they read my bio before I spoke. You helped me so much to get that to a great place. That was less than a year ago.
– Shelly Roman, CEO, Sacred Ground Walk, LLC

Level-Up Your Mindset, Your Skills and Your Business!

Create your content and style to be an in-demand professional speaker! 

Activate your message to have impact and empower the lives of others!

Learn from a 30+-year professional in the industry!
Accredited Speaker, Internationally Top-Rated Trainer, Marketing Expert, Speaking Coach, Certified Virtual Presenter, 17-time Publisher Author… and still ACTIVE in the field!

Sheryl’s Coaching Programs are ideal for:

  • All levels of presenters, speakers, trainers, educators…
  • Members of Toastmasters International
  • Women in Business

Your Personalized Coaching Program Will Help You:

  • Be confident using Zoom platforms for virtual presentations
  • Overcome nervousness and gain greater confidence
  • Deliver an authentic message in your own style
  • Shorten speech preparation time with tighter structure, flow and organization
  • Enhance your creativity, innovation and ideas
  • Increase audience engagement and retention
  • Target marketing and leverage opportunities
  • Develop products aligned with your core message
  • Publish that book showing your expertise and passion
  • Set up your speaking business and your speaking fees
  • Create professional slides, handouts and program introductions
  • Craft effective marketing materials to promote your business
  • Conduct productive and energizing meetings

6-Week Coaching Program – Virtual

One-On-One Coaching + Marketing Design Support

  • Pre-program questionnaire and evaluation
  • Personalized needs assessment/goals prior to first session
  • (3) Coaching calls and/or email coaching time (up to 3 hours total)

During your personalized coaching program Sheryl can help you: 

  • Determine your ideal topics (and which topics meeting planners want)
  • Identify potential ideal clients/audiences for your services
  • Review of all current, or draft versions of marketing materials  (one-sheet, business cards, postcards, newsletters, fliers, email campaigns, etc.)
  • Review of website, domains and your umbrella business strategy
  • Review an upcoming presentation, speech or marketing campaign
  • Practice your virtual presentations
  • Create audience interaction in your presentations
  • Update slides for your next presentation (formats include: PPT, PPTX, iKeynote)
  • Develop a speaking business strategy and help you set goals

Investment: $695

Fast Track!  
Virtual VIP Intensive One-Day Coaching

When you are serious about busting through issues, developing material, building your business, creating products, outlining a book, quick solutions, brainstorming galore, a marketing plan, and more…  FAST! 

This intensive VIRTUAL one-on-one day with Sheryl Roush, is via phone, email, Zoom, etc.

Your Fast Track includes four (4) power-packed phone hours in ONE day. We work together for 60 minutes at a time, combined with a 30-minute break between calls to allow you time to assimilate the information, drill down, tightly focus, and complete your assignments.  Total of six (6) hours including working breaks.

Your Personalized VIP Day Includes:

  • Personalized coaching/schedule call prior to your VIP day (30-minutes)
  • Detailed questionnaire and needs assessment/goals prior to meeting
  • Review of all marketing materials, website, domains and business strategy
  • One-on-one VIP phone coaching + working breaks (4+ hours)
  • Unlimited 30-day email follow-up after VIP coaching day
  • Follow-up coaching call within 30 days of VIP day (1 hour)
  • Priceless speaker resources (books, handouts, manuals, etc.)

Investment: $997
Payment is due prior to your session.

On-Site One-on-One Coaching Day
A Full-Day of Coaching with Sheryl Roush

Your personalized all-in-one-day coaching program includes eight (8)  hours focusing on you and your business. This complete program includes approximately 15 hours of individualized support.

Your On-Site Coaching Program Includes:

  • Personalized coaching call prior to our meeting
  • Detailed questionnaire and needs assessment/goals prior to meeting
  • Review of all marketing materials, websites, domains and business strategy
  • One full-day of one-on-one coaching (8 hours)
  • Focused action plan and goals set by completion of the day
  • Unlimited 30-day email follow-up after your coaching day
  • Post-coaching day support (2 hours) 
  • Meals provided during your coaching day
  • Priceless speaker resources (books, handouts, manuals, etc.)

Investment: $2,500

Payment is due prior to your arrival.
Does not include transportation to New York. Although you will be meeting at Sheryl’s lake house in the country, you will stay nearby at a lovely B&B. Plan on securing a rental car, and enjoying the spectacular country scenery during your visit. There is also a Country Club and Golf Course across the street.
Airports include these suggestions: Albany, Binghamton, LaGuardia, Sidney, Syracuse.

FREE 15-Minute Mentoring Call with Sheryl RoushFREE 15-Minute Mentoring Call with Sheryl Roush

Click on the red button for our pre-call questionnaire. 
Simply complete the on-line form, and click SUBMIT. On this free, no obligation call with Sheryl Roush, you will gain more insight and clarity on your overall plan. If we’re a match for your coaching needs, she will suggest a program that best fits your personal needs. Appointments are based upon availability and are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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