speaking checklist

Presenter’s Checklist

Speaker’s Checklist:

  • Emcee has your speaker introduction
  • Handouts (optional) distributed
  • Laptop: “Presenter” view turned on
  • Close all open apps, browsers and email
  • Laptop Power (and speakers) plugged in
  • Unless using WiFi, turn it OFF
  • Microphone tested for sound quality and volume, walk the room
  • Slide remote clicker tested, with fresh batteries
  • Video clips tested
  • Cell on mute, Airplane mode

Items to have on stage:

  • Remote clicker (and a back-up)
  • Sample handouts (to hold up as prop)
  • Give-away prizes for audience interaction/rewards
  • Sample book/products (to show if promoting)
  • Room temperature water, preferable in a glass
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