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Speaker Introductions – A Simple Format

In submitting my “Speaker Introduction” for a paid engagement next week, the meeting planner replied with: “Would you like us to mention your name prior to starting with your written portion?”

(Sharing techniques from my
Speak and Market Like A Pro™ system) I politely replied:
NO, on saying my name first…
Here’s my Logic:
There are STAGES in the format for Speaker Introduction…
1) Establishing relevance and engagement within the first 7 seconds
as my Introduction does by ASKING three QUESTIONS of the AUDIENCE.

2) Then offering the answers to the WIIFM?… and an overview of the session.
The WHAT they are going to LEARN (and be able to USE).

3) Followed by giving the Speaker CREDIBILITY.
The WHY they should listen to her (what makes her an EXPERT).

4) Then the SUBTITLE (a benefit statement or “HOW TO”
and TITLE of the presentation LAST.

This creates excitement, warms up the audience, announces the expectations, and sets the tone for the Speaker.
For a HANDOUT PDF on this, email:
Subject Line: Speaker Introduction PDF
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